9 Ups & 1 Down From WWE NXT (Feb 12)


9. Stuff Just Happens


My good pal/colleague/man who I made dress up like a clown that time, Simon Miller has a fabled expression over on his versions of Ups and Downs. Stuff Just Happens. In other words, WWE rarely worries too much about things making consistent or even logical sense, they just throw it together and hope you won't bother to ask why. Stuff! Just! Happens!

However NXT this week made a genuine effort to actually show consistency. Undisputed Era's reign of terror last week not only led to Kushida vs Cole, but also gave us the evening's opening when Bronson Reed, taking an unprovoked knee to the chops, interrupted Roderick Strong to demand a fight. It's such, such, such simple stuff but makes tuning in every single week that much more rewarding.

Make the events we witness, no matter how small, actually matter in the long run. If you put someone in a bin one week, of course, they're going to want to even the score up when they get the chance.

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