9 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Collision (July 1)


4. QT Still Feels Out Of Place With Powerhouse Hobbs

AEW Collision QT Marshall Dustin Rhodes Powerhouse Hobbs

It feels as if so many wrestling fans dump on QT Marshall, but the reality of the matter right now, is that QT just feels so out of place alongside Powerhouse Hobbs.

Few people in AEW have as much upside and potential as Hobbs, and Powerhouse seems like a true main event player waiting to explode into the big time. The aura, the body, the physicality; Will has so many of the tools needed to make a splash in the industry.

Unfortunately, QT Marshall feels like needless baggage for Hobbs. Not to be disrespectful, but Marshall feels like he's playing dress-up as a major deal, despite having done minimal to earn such a position and such an on-screen presentation. And no, that's not meant in a "deluded heel" way.

QT is likely a lovely fella, his training school is talked of highly, and he's a solid in-ring veteran who obviously has a role to play. That role is not at the side of Powerhouse Hobbs, though.

That's not to say a manager or on-screen mentor wouldn't have its benefits for Hobbs, but that manager or mentor should not be QT Marshall. Rather than make Powerhouse feel like a bigger deal, the alignment with QT sadly has the polar opposite effect.

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