9 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE NXT (Nov 6)

War-war-war-WHAT?! Don't ask questions, just keep fighting!

AJ Styles Tommaso Ciampa

Could this prove to be the most important week of the USA Network era for NXT?

Laced with awesome matches and supreme angles, the show's been fantastic in spite of the tumbling ratings and noticeable lack of buzz when compared to AEW Dynamite. It's a comparison WWE brought on themselves by counter-programming All Elite Wrestling in the first place of course, but one they're now having to work against despite producing what many consider to be the best wrestling show of the week.

An inclusion in this year's Survivor Series proceedings has changed the game yet again. Brand warfare is the thinnest of veneers for everybody fighting everybody else, but the novelty of the black-and-gold brand mixing in with the usual Raw and SmackDown lot has thus far carried the build for the 'Thanksgiving Classic', setting up some tantalising encounters and exposing much of this fresh roster to their widest audience yet.

Will any of this brand new attention cross over to Full Sail on Wednesday nights? WWE will be hoping so, but are thankfully still booking NXT like they don't give a single sh*t. This was another solid week of Wednesday wrestling television in a long run of them, but can anything drag back the early lost viewers that are missing out by missing it?

And as for the stuff not designed to hook or find new viewers, just what exactly is the danger to NXT if they continue to promote them?


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