9 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE NXT (Sept 18)

USA Is eh...Okay.


It was impossible not to be excited about NXT's move to USA Network, even if a life lived within the wrestling bubble provides ample training exercises on how to cope with Vince McMahon ruining all your favourite things.

This was the pressing concern when news broke that WWE were shifting the former developmental brand over to Wednesday nights in an effort to win a brand new wrestling war against All Elite Wrestling's TNT vehicle. McMahon, now deep into his eighth decade on earth, has always trusted his own vision above all others when it comes to the state of his Universe. For several years, NXT formed a part he had very little to do with. A cushy spot on the WWE Network helped build an audience, the quality of Triple H's eye for talent and immaculate television booking helped build a following, and relentlessly brilliant TakeOver specials helped build a genuine third brand. Landing in Vince's lap eventually was sadly always going to be a potential casualty of its success.

But what of week one? WWE are traditionally excellent at making good first impressions in these situations, not least considering how much McMahon will want to keep USA sweet after some gentle b*llockings over Raw's ratings slide and SmackDown's impending switch to Fox.

Setting sail from Full Sail, did this maiden edition utilise the best bits of WWE's mainstream muscle, or did the wrong end of its owner's poisoned pencil begin erasing all we've come to adore?


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