9 Wrestlers Who Could Have Been WWE Champion In The 1990s

9. Lex Luger


At King of the Ring 1993, Hulk Hogan dropped the WWE title back to Yokozuna and disappeared from the company for nearly nine years. From there, Vince McMahon would go on a 4+ year trial-and-error process of finding his next top guy. His first experiment?

Blonde, musclebound Lex Luger.

In fairness to Luger, it's not like he wasn't credible in that position. As a former WCW Champion who had headlined major events such as Starrcade and The Great American Bash, he certainly was a good get for the WWF in 1992, even though Vince just wanted him for the World Bodybuilding Federation. Of course, that experiment tanked quickly, and Luger was brought into as a wrestler. With a Narcissist gimmick and Bobby Heenan as his mouthpiece, Luger might have actually done quite well for himself.

Unfortunately, Vince, being myopic, thought to pull a 180 on Luger and give him an all-American babyface gimmick, complete with red-white-and-blue trunks and a fancy bus. One would think with how sudden and momentous the Lex Express push was, he would have won the title at his first opportunity at SummerSlam 1993.

That didn't come to pass, however, as he defeated Yokozuna via countout, and he lost all his momentum as a babyface.

Two years later, Luger went back to WCW, a company that, if nothing else, knew how to use him better than WWE.

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