9 Wrestlers Who Took On Movie Roles You Won't Believe

Who knew that Rey Mysterio stood in as Freddy Kruger?!

Freddy Krueger Rey Mysterio
New Line Cinema

There's a long and storied history of professional wrestlers hitting the big screen in search of a film career and it's likely we'll see it even more in future with The Rock successfully climbing his way to the very top of the ladder. The roles they get (up to the point they're accepted as "real actors" at least) tend to be what you'd expect: hard men, military men... anything that requires presence and power.

However, not all of the movie appearances by wrestlers have been entirely expected - nor even particularly notable, in some cases. You'd think with their self-promotional skills so finely tuned by the cut-throat world of pro wrestling that they might have aimed for something less obscure. Or just less weird, at least...

Honourable Mention

Lou Albano Played Mario - The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Super Mario Super Show Captain Lou

It's not a movie, but Captain Lou Albano voiced the world's most famous plumber Mario Mario himself in the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Super Show TV series.

The show ran for 52 episodes for the second half of 1989 and included live-action segments in which the Super Mario Bros (played by Albano and Danny Wells) would welcome celebrity guests. He might have looked the part, but his voice was far more Bowser than Mario and watching him rap and dance to Do The Mario was just disturbing...


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