9 WWE Superstars Who Could Debut (Or Return) The Raw After WrestleMania 40

All those talented stars who could make a splash on the night after WrestleMania XL.

Braun Strowman

Though the last few years certainly haven't been all that thrilling when it comes to the Raw (or SmackDown) after WrestleMania, that immediate follow-up to 'The Show of Shows' will always possess the potential to be rather special.

This is the same event that has seen iconic cash-ins, "bizarro land" crowds, unexpected title switches, and a ton of hugely shocking returns and debuts over the years.

That last ingredient regularly found in the often hot show after 'The Showcase of the Immortals' in particular has often produced some of the loudest reactions of the entire year, too.

Finn Bálor's long-awaited return from injury in 2017, Bobby Lashley's epic comeback in 2018, and Goldberg finally making the jump over to the land of sports entertainment in 2003 are just a few of the crowd-popping arrivals that made this night after 'Mania such a must-see event.

So, which other returning or debuting stars could possibly join the likes of those aforementioned names and create one more glorious post-WrestleMania Moment in 2024?

Well, from long-injured monsters, to badass Champions from other sports, to developmental call-ups, these are those wrestlers who may just be the name on everyone's lips after April 8.

9. Carmella

Braun Strowman

Dusting off her 'Princess of Staten Island' gimmick she'd used for the first few years of her NXT/WWE run, the effortlessly charismatic Carmella popped back on WWE programming for the first time in seven months back in January 2023.

Then, after qualifying and competing in that year's Elimination Chamber, 'Mella once again disappeared from the likes of Raw and SmackDown.

Rather than unfortunately going down injured again, however, this spell out of action was actually due to the fact the former SmackDown Women's Champion and Corey Graves were about to welcome a child into the world!

The star would eventually give birth in November of last year, and did note a few months before her baby was born that she was very much looking to eventually return to the ring afterwards.

Bringing another living being into the world obviously takes a huge toll on a person's body, though, and 'Mella was quick to note late last year that she was still struggling to walk properly after the intense experience, telling a commenter on Instagram, "It’s going to take time to properly heal."

There's no rush, of course, and the most important thing is that 'Mella feels physically and mentally ready before stepping back in-between the ropes. But there's at least a small chance we see her moonwalking back down the ramp on the Raw after 'Mania XL.

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