A Masked Randy Orton Appears On WWE Raw

WWE News - Randy Orton Sports A New Masked Look On Tonight's WWE Raw!

Randy Orton Masked WWE Raw

As tonight’s ongoing episode of Monday Night Raw opened, audiences were treated to a new look for Randy Orton.

Appearing in a dimly-lit setting, the Viper was seen sporting a mask designed to cover the burns he suffered last week at the hands of a fireball-wielding Alexa Bliss.

With his RKO hoodie’s, err, hood pulled down over the mask, the glimpse of Orton’s face that we saw indicate that he’s been left burned and disfigured after his recent run in with Little Miss Bliss – although Randal Keith is keen to not let his “sickening affliction” prevent him from participating in the men’s Royal Rumble match come 31 January.


As it stands, Randy Orton is still in this year’s men’s Rumble contest, but previous reports suggest that this is all a red herring, and that Orton will instead be competing against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt at WWE’s January extravaganza.


Those same reports indicate that this Orton vs. Wyatt follow-up bout will be served up in a setting that will top the insanity of the pair’s Firefly Inferno battle from last month’s TLC PPV.

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