A-Train To Feud With John Cena Upon WWE Return?

Matt Bloom (aka Albert & A-Train) to return to WWE television next month.

Despite Matt Bloom denying on Twitter on Saturday reports that he has re-signed a contract with the WWE, both the Wrestling Observer and PWInsider.com are sticking by their story and say he will return to the company after WrestleMania 28 in April. Bloom, who wrestled in the WWE as Prince Albert, Albert and then A-Train, called the return rumours "comical" and that he was about to appear for New Japan Pro Wrestling on their next tour. However, four WWE sources have claimed in the past week that Bloom is retuning to the company and that talks have been happening for the past two months. Indeed, several WWE performers were talking about Albert's pending return at the live event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada after being informed by management of Bloom's return. Sources suggest Bloom is to get a "big push" when he returns to WWE programming next month as a tough guy henchman for Raw Interim General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. On Saturday, F4WOnline suggested that Bloom would be the first opponent program for John Cena post-WrestleMania and would be promoted straight away as a main event calibre superstar but that post has since been deleted from the site, suggesting that they no longer believe that to be the case. It is unknown yet what name he will use in the company but I imagine he might be wholly re-packaged given that it was always the stupid names that kept him stuck in the midcard and often the lower midcard during his first tenure with the company between 1999 and 2004. Since leaving America he has competed under the name "Giant Bernard" and has become an international superstar and much better in-ring talent and although at 39 he is getting on a bit, the signing by the WWE seems a solid one. He was always a talented guy with a marketable size... he just needed the right package to get him there.
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