Adam Cole Blows Up At Interviewer - Drops F-Bomb

The former NXT champ broke a mic and assaulted a producer on an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

During an interview with podcaster Pat McAfee on the The Pat McAfee Show, former NXT champion Adam Cole blew up at the host, dropping multiple f-bombs, breaking a microphone and headset, and assaulting a producer.

Cole, who was a surprise guest on the program, apparently reacted this way after being offended by McAfee's question, leaving the studio shortly thereafter. McAfee later shared a screenshot of his text exchange with Cole earlier that day, where he'd invited the wrestler onto his show.

Most Twitter users familiar with the two's occupations and history seem to think that the incident was a worked shoot, given McAfee and Cole's longstanding on-screen rivalry dating back to 2018, when the former NFL player caused Cole to lose a match.


Some have openly mocked the idea that the incident could be real.


McAfee has worked with WWE several times in the past as a pre-show host for Takeover events. He also made an in-ring appearance in a November 2019 episode of SmackDown, filling in for Michael Cole and Corey Graves.


Wrestlers participating in both worked and shoots on other media platforms is nothing new. Infamously, Big Van Vader attacked a Kuwaiti talk show host who asked if wrestling was staged, and David Schultz slapped reporter John Stossel when he asked a similar question, allegedly doing so at the behest of Vince McMahon.

Neither WWE nor Graves have released a statement about the incident.

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