Adam Cole Gets Salty Over Britt Baker & Tony Schiavone On Twitter

In which Adam Cole teases further tension with Tony Schiavone over Britt Baker.

Britt Baker Adam Cole Tony Schiavone

Adam Cole has had enough of Tony Schiavone's friendship with his girlfriend, Britt Baker.

The AEW World Women's Champion tweeted the following image of her and Schiavone hugging on Sunday (19 September):-

Cole responded with the following:-

Then, when Britt replied with "I don't get it?", Cole honed in on a close-up picture of the announcer's face.

Cole and Baker have been together since 2017, with their relationship preceding AEW's formation by several years. They are only now working in the same wrestling promotion as each other for the first time, with Cole's WWE contract expiring on 27 August, nine days before he debuted for AEW at All Out 2021 on 5 September.


Schiavone and Cole got into it on Adam's first Dynamite appearance a few days later, with Cole warning the perma-sympathetic announcer to stay away from Britt. This comes following well over a year of storytelling between Schiavone and Baker, who are now onscreen friends after Tony had emerged as the foremost target of the Women's Champion's bullying campaign following her 2020 heel turn.

Cole made his in-ring debut for AEW on last week's Dynamite, defeating Frankie Kazarian.

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