Adam Cole's NXT Championship Defences Ranked From Worst To Best

12. Velveteen Dream (TakeOver: In Your House)

This wasn't good.

Despite the label already existing in canon thanks to the Roddy Piper/Goldust scrap at WrestleMania XII, a 'Backlot Brawl' stipulation served as the latest failed cinematic wrestling effort from a company that - on fist-clenched balance - got it right twice.

This was a long, long way from the Firefly Fun House match but just as far removed from The Boneyard Match, despite it being the exact formula they should have followed.

When the thing wasn't illogical, it was simply boring. Adam Cole the sly fox drove a f*cking monster truck, undercutting how class Dream looked with his Walking Dead homage. But better than than a bunch of worked punches in a badly lit ring or cheap-looking film set out behind the Full Sail backdoors. It was if somebody's backdoor's sh*t this concept out, if not for the result. Cole thankfully retained, ensuring that his record-breaking reign wouldn't lost to yet another project failed by the company's less-than-stellar handling of the global b*stard.

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