Adam Pearce Gets Powerful Promotion In WWE

New details on Adam Pearce's WWE promotion and new role in the company.

Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce has been promoted to the role of WWE's Director of Live Events.

It was reported earlier this week that as well as Jason Jordan, Pearce had moved up the ladder in the company. Now, PWInsider has confirmed the on-air authority figure's new position.

Previous Directors of Live Events had been tasked with making matches and handling creative for WWE's live events, as well as administrating them, with Pearce's sudden elevation suggesting, once again, that WWE is thinking about returning to the road.


Michael Hayes has previously occupied this role. Recently, the former Fabulous Freebird has moved into producing main event matches and working on angles for Roman Reigns.

PWInsider notes that Pearce will still produce bouts despite taking on this new role. He'll also help oversee WWE's other producers alongside Jordan, who was promoted earlier this week as well. In addition, Pearce will remain a regular television character.


WWE has made more than a few backstage changes lately, with the long-serving Mark Carrano departing in the wake of the Mickie James trash bag scandal, John Laurinaitis moving back up the Talent Relations ladder, and high-level executives Nick Khan and Kristina Salen both growing in power.

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