AEW Adds Major Showdown To Tonight's Dynamite

Longstanding storyline development to FINALLY get a payoff tonight?

Julia Hart

Brian Pillman Jr has called out the House Of Black on behalf of The Varsity Blondes for tonight's episode of Dynamite in an effort to finally get revenge for the attack on Julia Hart from December 9 2021.

There, Malakai Black spat mist in her eye before disappearing under a cover of darkness. He's since added Brody King and Buddy Matthews to his entourage, and Hart has been noticeably disconnected from The Blondes and indeed everything else. She's since also sported an eyepatch that has gradually leaked mist the corners, increasing week by week in much the same way Black's has.

It's unknown why The Blondes have waited so long to address this, but at least an outcome can at long last be arrived at. And on Dynamite, no less, where the feud began.


The House Of Black have been warring with Death Triangle for most of 2022, with Rey Fenix' return from injury last week heavily implying a trios payoff to that rivalry was also forthcoming. The two threads may overlap tonight, but expect Pillman and partner Griff Garrison to probably get the worst of it.

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