AEW Announcer Says DQ Finishes "F*ck The Fans"

This current AEW commentator isn't a fan of disqualification finishes.

Tony Schiavone

Let it be known that Tony Schiavone hates DQ finishes.

The AEW announcer told listeners tuning into his weekly 'What Happened When' podcast that these screwy match endings "f*ck the fans" who care about the product they're watching. Going further, Schiavone also said that promotions "can only f*ck them so many times" (the fans) before people start zoning out and losing interest.

Tony understands that companies use disqualification finishes as a storytelling device. It's easy to heap heat on a heel, for example, if he/she interferes in a rival's match and causes a ref to call for the bell. However, according to Schiavone, it's still possible to tell stories after a match has finished.


He believes most fans out there watching would much rather see definitive finishes to their bouts then enjoy some post-match drama. That way, folks get a winner, loser and then the story can proceed depending on the outcome there.

The ex-WCW play-by-play man also appreciates why some online feel like they're being repeatedly "f*cked over" by DQs on TV every single week. That's something All Elite tries to stay away from, but even Tony Khan's group falls into the same old trap occasionally.


Schiavone has zero time for it.


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