AEW Announcer Taz Says He HATES This Popular Wrestling Term

This current pro wrestling trend prevalent in WWE does not sit well with AEW's Taz.

Drew McIntyre Sheamus

Don't call any wrestling match a "banger" around Taz.

The AEW announcer took to Twitter and revealed that he "hates that term so f*cking much". Of course, the word has become common parlance amongst pro wrestling fans in 2022-2023. It was actually used before that, and has been popular when describing music ('that song was a total banger') for years.

Taz wants it to stop.


He said that using words like, "Great, amazing or awesome" was perfectly fine. Taz doesn't understand why somebody had to start referring to wrestling matches as "bangers" - the wrestler-turned-commentator also said he'd happily dedicate a whole episode to the issue if he was still doing his podcast.

Rather definitively, he closed by saying: "BAN IT!".


WWE recently started calling Drew McIntyre and Sheamus the 'Banger Bros' on TV. They've since moved away from that, if only because it's a little too close to a pornographic website series that some folks might be aware of.

Taz didn't mention that during his rant, nor did he single out McIntyre or Sheamus. He just hates the term generally, and wants it to go away.

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