AEW Big Business A Hot Ticket Out Of The Gate

Boston Dynamite show sells tickets fast on promise of Mercedes Moné's AEW debut.

Mercedes Moné

It didn't take long to find out if the veiled promise of Mercedes Moné debuting for AEW in her hometown of Boston next month would be a draw.

Wednesday, Tony Khan announced that the 13 March episode of Dynamite would be titled "Big Business" and would be a historic show fans would not want to miss. The graphic for event made it pretty apparent that Moné would make her much-anticipated debut at Beantown's TD Garden, with the title containing a diamond-studded "Big" and the host city spelled "Bo$$ton."

Tickets went on sale Saturday, and the ever-reliable WrestleTix noted that more than 5,600 tickets were distributed between Friday's pre-sale and Saturday's first day of general public sale.


WrestleTix further noted that AEW's pre-sale numbers of 4,500 tickets distributed was higher than the pre-sales for the Worlds End and Full Gear PPVs last year. Both of those events finished with more than 10,000 distributed tickets.

Mercedes easily is one of the most heavily anticipated free agent signings in recent years, and the fact that AEW is giving her the CM Punk "First Dance" treatment with her debut shows that they believe this is a major event. Not announcing the show until a month out and already moving more tickets than the majority of recent episodes of Dynamite is a pretty good indicator that they're right.


Moné has long been rumored to eventually head to AEW since leaving WWE in May 2022 and officially becoming a free agent in January 2023. She suffered a serious injury last spring and has been out of action since, but she was seen in attendance at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium last summer. Fightful Select has reported that Mercedes has been on the AEW payroll since "at least early January."

What will the final count for Big Business be? We'll find out in a month's time.

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