AEW Blood & Guts Match CONFIRMED For 5 May

The Pinnacle face The Inner Circle in AEW's first ever Blood & Guts match next month!

AEW Blood and Guts

Finally, All Elite Wrestling has nailed down a date for its first ever Blood & Guts match.

As confirmed on last night's episode of Dynamite, The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle will face off in AEW's WarGames equivalent on 5 May, following on from a big Chris Jericho promo.

Jericho took aim at MJF's Pinnacle group during his diatribe, dropping all kinds of hot lines following last month's betrayal. This culminated in him saying that while MJF, his former protege, had outsmarted him a few weeks ago, he'll never be better than him, announcing Blood & Guts.


The inaugural Blood & Guts match was originally supposed to go down on 25 March 2020 in Newark, New Jersey. A packed house would have witnessed the heel Inner Circle going up against The Elite that night, though the match was scrapped at the onset of the global health crisis, with AEW seemingly opting to hold back until fans could return.

Now, the clash will seemingly play out in front of the small, socially distanced Daily's Place crowd.


Like WarGames, Blood & Guts will be contested inside a large steel cage containing two adjacent rings, with wrestlers entering the fight at timed intervals.

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