AEW Books Another Shock Heel Turn On Latest Rampage

A gimmick change is surely in order for this wrestler after events on AEW Rampage.

Preston Vance 10 Dark Order AEW Heel Turn

Preston '10' Vance just turned heel.

The now ex-Dark Order member joined La Faccion Ingobernable on the latest edition of AEW Rampage. Vance was supposed to team with Order buddies John Silver and Alex Reynolds in a six-man main event vs. Rush, The Butcher and The Blade, but he didn't come out for the bout with his stablemates.

Later, Evil Uno and -1 (Brodie Lee's young son) emerged with a fired-up '10', and it looked like The Order would get the last laugh. Not quite. Vance attacked a stunned Silver, then Rush picked up the win for Ingobernable.


Post-match, Preston continued hammering home the point of his turn by beating up Uno and putting Reynolds through a table at ringside. '10' also ripped up his Dark Order mask and threw it down to a distraught -1 on the entrance ramp before posing with his new friends.

Rush and Andrade El Idolo had been making overtures towards Preston Vance for a while now. Most fans questioned exactly where the story was going, but now everyone has their answer.


Vance is now an unmasked villain and will team with Rush/Andrade's gang from now on.

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