AEW Champ MJF Shoots On "Dumb Motherf*ckers"

Reigning AEW kingpin MJF had something to say to veterans who "talk down" to him.

MJF Not The Best Night

MJF has a simple message for pro wrestling: "Respect everyone". However, the reigning AEW World Champ posted on Twitter/X that he's sick of "dumb motherf*ckers" trying to "talk down" to him just because they've been in the industry longer.

That won't fly around Max.


MJF pointed out that he might've been in wrestling for a relatively short period of time, but he's operated "at a high level for [the] majority of it". So, he's not willing to sit and listen to lectures from older wrestlers who "say they know better because they’ve been at the job for a large number of years but at a low level for [the] majority of it".

Naturally, this social media rant drew lots of attention from fans wondering exactly who Friedman was talking about. AEW producer Jerry Lynn was even brought into the conversation, but MJF replied to that fan by saying: "I wouldn’t call WWE/WCW/TNA/ECW/ROH/GWF low level. Study the sport you love".


MJF ended his rant by saying people should "respect everyone", "...but don’t let anyone son you, ever". He's in no mood for blatant disrespect after achieving so much in a short space of time.

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