AEW Champion Kenny Omega Changes His Look

AEW's Kenny Omega has switched up his look. Is it staying for good or just temporary?

Kenny Omega

The Harley Race tribute is gone!

CEO (a video game tournament that focuses on fighters) chief Alex Jebailey posted a snap from his recent interview with reigning AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on Twitter. It shows Omega mid-sentence, but he's clean shaven.

That's right, the funky facial hair Kenny has been sporting since bagging AEW's top prize jobbed to his razor blade. It's unclear, however, whether or not this is just a temporary thing or if Omega is going back to his more classic look.


Perhaps he f*cked up trimming the moustache and chops he was rocking and had to shave off the whole thing - most bearded guys can sympathise with that horror. It's either that or Omega just fancied getting rid of the Harley homage for a while.

Somewhat incredibly, fans are split on this facial hair switch. Some prefer the clean shaven look, but a few liked the zany Race tribute Omega had going on and want to see it return ASAP.


There's little doubt that "the Harley" helped furnish Kenny's heel turn with a fresh feel. Now, the AEW Champ is fresh-faced.

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