AEW Championship Revealed At Double Or Nothing

Bret Hart shows us the new strap.

Bret Hart AEW Championship

'Comedian' Jack Whitehall, of all people, was on hand at tonight's inaugural All Elite Wrestling show Double or Nothing, and he introduced a very special guest for the unveiling of the company's belt.

None other than multiple-time Hall of Famer and bonafide legend of the industry Bret Hart, in town for the corresponding Starrcast convention, made his way with a heavy-looking velvet bag in hand. Nope, it wasn't a snake: it was AEW's inaugural championship.

Before we got to see the brand new belt, Hart introduced Hangman Page, who earned the opportunity to face either Kenny Omega or Chris Jericho for the championship after prevailing in the pre-show's Casino Battle Royale.


Unfortunately, proceedings were interrupted by a mugging MJF, who ran down the challenger, saying that he, not a horse, deserved to be the face of the company.

The intruder's protests were eventually cut short thanks to the intervention of Jimmy Havoc and Jungle Boy. As MJF was being thrown off screen, Hart slyly slipped the strap from its sack, just about offering viewers at home a glimpse of the gold.


We think you'll all agree that it's a bit of a beauty.

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