AEW Changing 'Stadium Stampede' Matches For Good After Double Or Nothing?

Goodbye, 'Stadium Stampede'. Hello, 'Anarchy In The Arena'. Are AEW changing this forever?

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AEW might move on from the 'Stadium Stampede' name for good.

Chris Jericho and Tony Khan both teased this during the post-Double Or Nothing 2022 media scrum after Sunday night's pay-per-view - Tony said that the new 'Anarchy In The Arena' gimmick is "more sustainable" than the name used for matches in 2020 and 2021.

Meanwhile, Jericho called the prior 'Stadium Stampede' branding "a product of its time". So, has the moment come to move on from a firm AEW fan favourite towards 'Anarchy'? It certainly looks like it, although Jericho did also say the company will "maybe revisit" the old name in years to come.


For now though, 'Stadium Stampede' is out and 'Anarchy In The Arena' is very much in.

Jericho, 2.0, Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager beat Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson in the first match billed under the 'Anarchy' banner at Double Or Nothing. The near-23 minute long brawl was notable for Moxley's 'Wild Thing' theme playing continuously during the first portion.


That, according to Jericho, was also inspired by ECW original New Jack. How about that for a mini-tribute?

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