AEW Coming To TNT

Wrestling returns to station for first time since 2001.

Aew Tnt
Twitter, @tntdrama

US Network TNT has just exploded the internet (wink wink) with a major bombshell on Twitter, confirming recent reports that AEW is set to come to the station.

For anyone with even the faintest interes in the history of pro-wrestling, this is pretty significant news; TNT was the home of WCW Nitro for six years before the company's eventual demise in 2001.

No financials about the deal have been released yet - in fact, no information whatsoever has leaked - but the move is massively symbolic, as the nature of the Tweet makes clear.

The AEW logo appears in front of a bed of flames, echoing the aesthetic of the deceased Nitro. It's accompanied by the words: "We're back in the wrestling business!" - a clear reference to Ted Turner's famous "I'm in the 'rassling business!" phone call to Vince McMahon after his purchase of WCW in 1988.

Wrestling has not appeared on the station since Nitro ended some 17 years ago. Check back for more details as they almost certainly emerge throughout the day.

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