AEW Confirm New Signings & First 3 Names For Double Or Nothing Battle Royale

UK indie star Kip Sabian will debut in the Over Budget Battle Royale...

Kip Sabian

AEW are in the business of making big statements. They did it with their formative announcement. They did it with some of their initial signings. They've done it again recently by selling out 12,000 tickets in just four minutes. We can probably expect them to do it when they eventually announce their broadcast partner, considering the potential for them to put even more of a dent in Vince McMahon's shiny throne.

They've also made some statements that speak to the quality of their in-ring product, as well as to the strength of their brand, with interesting names like Jimmy Havoc, Lucha Underground's Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler all joining the swelling roster ranks recently. They need names to fill their Double Or Nothing card, particularly with a Battle Royale set up and Cody Rhodes has announced another name to add to the impressive pile.

As per photographer Roby Goding, who shot an announcement sequence for the latest Road To Double Or Nothing episode for Rhodes' YouTube channel, British star Kip Sabian will debut in the Over Budget Battle Royale at the hotly-anticipated PPV:

The spelling mistake is a little unfortunate (unless it's a gimmick adjustment?), but Sabian will be pretty well known to UK independent scene fans, given his association with the likes of IPW, Riptide, Defiant and World Of Sport Wrestling. For anyone less familiar, he was trained by the Knight family and bills himself as "the handsome hustler", marrying his technical skills with the kind of swagger only someone calling themselves handsome tends to pull off.

Sabian's signing on the back of a strong two year period signals AEW's intentions to pick up rising stars and while some fans probably won't be particularly familiar with his name, he's been drawing a lot of attention on the back of breaking out and has appeared in RevPro and Progress. He's undoubtedly a strong rising addition to the Battle Royale and his promo work, in particular, makes him a valuable get. Check out his Alpha Bad match at Defiant's Refuse To Lose '18 against Aussie Open for some evidence to that end.

Meanwhile, IPW, who Sabian also wrestles for, confirmed on Facebook that he's still going to be appearing on all future shows for the foreseeable future. So UK indie fans can still expect to see him on these shores.

The same video confirms that Young Bucks associate Brandon Cutler is also signed up for Double Or Nothing. He's appeared on Being The Elite in the past and will be a familiar face for anyone following the Young Bucks career. He returned to the ring in 2018 after a hiatus of several months and was an entrant into 2018's Over Budget Battle Royale on the All In pre-show Zero Hour.

All three new signings will debut in the Over Budget Battle Royale, with more names set to be revealed as we advance towards the PPV. Last year's event saw Flip Gordon (appearing under a mask as Chico El Luchador eliminate Bully Ray last to win the match. He earned a right to Jay Lethal's Ring of Honor World Championship later on the card.

Here's the updated card for the Double Or Nothing:

Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega

The Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose

Hangman Page vs. PAC

SoCal Uncensored vs. 3 Stars From OWE

Over The Budget Battle Royale

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