AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Expected To Top 100,000 PPV Buys

If accurate, these projections would make the show an objective success.

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AEW/Lee South

AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 looks to have exceeded all expectations from a business standpoint.

Dave Meltzer reports in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that streaming numbers on B/R Live and were up 10-15% compared to February's Revolution show, which benefitted from a far stronger build and not going down in the midst of a huge global health crisis. This would make it the second most-streamed show in AEW history after the original DoN.

As far as pay-per-view buys go, the official figures are yet to be released, though current estimate suggests as many as 120,000 people may have bought Double Or Nothing in the United States. This is far, far higher than pre-show expectations, and may even exceed DoN 2019's buyrate. Replay buys are also thought to be slightly ahead of Revolution, though things will likely slow down over the next few days.


These numbers would mark the pay-per-view as an objective success considering what's currently going on around the world, as the decline in television viewership wouldn't have caused a decline in interest for AEW's bigger shows. It comes on the back of a similar successful UFC 249 pay-per-view a few weeks ago.

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