AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Sells 6,000 Tickets In One Day

Tickets are still available for the anniversary-style pay-per-view...if you're quick!

The Wrestling Observer's Figure Four Daily is reporting that AEW's Double Or Nothing 2020 pay-per-view shipped 6,000 tickets on the first day of sale.

AEW put briefs online on Friday morning, and they've been snapped up quickly by fans eager to get in on the anniversary-style fun. Anyone hoping to attend Double Or Nothing shouldn't worry though, because there are still tickets available for the 23 May show.

The second Double Or Nothing event takes place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Last year's show had approximately 11,000 fans in attendance, and it's expected that AEW will at least match that number again.


The Observer did note that fans can only really get their hands on regular seating for the event; VIP tickets, which started at $125 and scaled up in price from there depending on where seats are in the building, are nearly sold out.

That's a good sign for AEW (they've sold the most expensive tix first), but they will want to ensure they've got as many people in the arena as possible to create a powerful visual on camera and a lively atmosphere.

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