AEW Double Or Nothing: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Shots fired.

Double Or Nothing

AEW's first-ever PPV event got the promotion off to one hell of a strong start, with Double or Nothing proving a hugely crowd-pleasing show for the most part, packed with quality wrestling and terrific storytelling.

Was it perfect? Absolutely not - the production could use some fine-tuning when it comes to editing and camera coverage, but in terms of in-ring action, show pacing and subverting audience expectations, the show was a remarkable success.

With WWE's main product presently residing in the toilet and fan apathy never being stronger, AEW couldn't have come at a better time.

With production values not a million miles away from WWE while boasting wrestling on-par with the best in the business, this show saw AEW throw down the gauntlet to their billion-dollar rival, urging them to do better.

Whether they can ever become a viable alternative to WWE or not, this is an extremely encouraging first PPV. If the teething problems can be ironed out in due course, their August 31st show, All Out, could be even better. Especially if CM Punk shows up, of course...


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