AEW Drops HUGE CM Punk Hints On Dynamite - Debuting In 3 Weeks?!

If CM Punk ISN'T signed with AEW, Tony Khan was up to no good at Fight for the Fallen.


All Elite Wrestling went all in on teasing CM Punk's seemingly imminent arrival on last night's Fight for the Fallen special episode of Dynamite.

This started with Tony Khan's pre-advertised "huge introduction," which was delivered by Tony Schiavone. Standing on the stage, the legendary announcer confirmed that the 20 August episode of Rampage will go down in Chicago, IL's United Center, home of the Bulls, which understandably drew "CM Punk" chants.

Last week saw Punk post an Instagram story featuring The Alan Parsons Project's Sirius, which is the Bull's iconic walkout song. Completing this circle of basketball references, that episode of Rampage is being subtitled The First Dance in a nod to last year's docuseries on Michael Jordan and co.


Darby Allin cut a quick promo immediately after the announcement, calling AEW the promotion where even those who call themselves "the best in the world" have to prove it. Another reference.

Then, as Chris Jericho sat soaked in his own blood after beating Nick Gage, MJF grabbed a microphone and delivered the following line:-

“Chris, as you sit there in more pain than you’ve ever been in your entire life, I need you to listen to me.”

This is an almost word-for-word quotation of part of Punk's legendary pipe bomb promo:-

“John Cena, while you lay there hopefully as uncomfortable as you can possibly can be, I want you to listen to me.”

At this stage, it would now be a bigger surprise if Punk didn't show up in AEW.

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