AEW Dynamite Fight Story Disputed, Two "Totally Different" Accounts Exist

There might be more to Sammy Guevara & Andrade El Idolo's AEW fight to come...

Sammy Guevara Andrade El Idolo

News that Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo were involved in a verbal altercation that became physical at last night's AEW Dynamite show has dominated headlines this morning, but one version of the story has now been disputed.

TMZ was amongst the outlets to cover the scrap. Per their report, Guevara and El Idolo exchanged words before things got physical, with Sammy pushing Andrade prior to punches being thrown. Whether or not anyone was actually struck is unclear. TMZ's sources, however, were adamant that this wasn't a work, though AEW roster members had been pissed with Guevara for airing his issues with Andrade on social media this week, with things "boiling over" at Dynamite.

Bryan Alvarez reports, however, that there are "two totally different stories" going around on what happened. People in AEW have disputed TMZ's version, finding it tough to believe that Sammy would have been allowed to work the main event while Andrade was sent home:-


Fightful Select also reported a "verbal altercation that got physical", corroborating Sammy's shove, but stating that Andrade, specifically, threw a punch. Other specifics, including the order of events, were described as "foggy."


Andrade and Sammy's confrontation came following a day of social media beef between the two, concluding with El Idolo claiming he would see Guevara on Wednesday night. Andrade has been pulled from a planned Rampage match with Dark Order's 10 this week.

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