AEW Dynamite In Newark Sells 10,000 Tickets

Tickets have only been on sale a day.


AEW are set to make their debut in Newark, NJ in late March, and early interest in the Dynamite show is absolutely booming.

According to Dave Meltzer, reporting for Wrestling Observer, 10,000 tickets have already been flogged for the event in the city's Prudential Center on Wednesday, 25 March. Tickets went on general sale at 12:00 noon on Friday, following a week of pre-sales.

It's understood that scalpers were limited from buying up huge swathes of the arena.

Tickets for the Dynamite show taking place in Rochester, NY a week earlier also went on sale yesterday, though the numbers shifted are not currently confirmed.

The Newark show was announced on Christmas Day last year, with AEW Executive VP Cody Rhodes making a coded Tweet suggesting 'politics and nonsense' had prevented the nascent company running shows in other venues. He thanked the Prudential Center for "just giving the Jersey/NY fans what they want!"

The March show is the first non-WWE event ever hosted by the Prudential Center. With WWE houses on decline, evidently venues are learning that loyalty will not benefit them in the long run.

The next episode of AEW Dynamite is scheduled to take place in Cleveland, OH's Wolstein Center.

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