AEW Dynasty 2024: 10 Things That Must Happen

Dynasty is a big night for Tony Khan. AEW's future hangs in the balance!

AEW Dynasty 2024 Swerve Strickland

Can AEW get back to talking about AEW now?

Tony Khan has added another pay-per-view to the All Elite schedule, but the boss has been bumping his gums about WWE more than Dynasty. That's...not the way things should be, especially when he could be boasting about massive matches like Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson instead. Full focus should be going on that, not outside noise.

Dynasty may see multiple new champions crowned. Fresh tag champs are guaranteed after Sting retired and he vacated the belts alongside real-life Crash Test Dummy and protege Darby Allin. Either The Young Bucks or FTR will win this weekend's ladder bout to seize the day. Hopefully, they'll do it whilst showcasing everything that's good about AEW and leave unnecessary trolling at the door.

Elsewhere, Sunday is a big night for Swerve Strickland. Samoa Joe is a transitional champ, and everyone knows it, but will this be Swerve's moment to make company history? Only time will tell, but it's a must as far as this fan is concerned. There are a lot of must-haves in St. Louis, to be honest.

This is Khan's last PPV chance to get back on track before Double Or Nothing. He can't let it slip through his fingers!

10. The Continental Title Bout Opens

AEW Dynasty 2024 Swerve Strickland

There will be some out there screaming into the social media void about this if it happens, but what's better - Okada kicking off AEW's latest PPV with a bang, or Okada stuck in the midcard somewhere? He and PAC could energise Dynasty's live crowd immediately. Just imagine the scenes if St. Louis knew this glorious combo was up first.

Tony Khan has the power.

Ignoring the bitty presentation of the Continental Championship and just enjoying a match like this would be smart too. AEW's booking of the since that Continental Classic tourney has been spottier than they'd care to admit, but everyone and their granny knows Okada and PAC will deliver the goods once the bell sounds.

There's no way a moody Geordie is coming out of Dynasty with that strap over his shoulder, but that doesn't mean PAC can't push Okada to his limits and give this pay-per-view one hell of an opener. It's gonna need that, so step forward lads.


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