AEW Files Trademark For "All Elite Wrestling Blood & Guts"

Could this be the title of AEW's next big pay-per-view?


It looks like All Elite Wrestling is embracing its identity as professional wrestling's "blood and guts" promotion.

According to PWInsider's Steven Fernandes, AEW has filed a trademark application for "All Elite Wrestling Bood and Guts" relating to posters, photographs, ringtones, merchandise, action figures, retail services, entertainment services, and, most interesting of all, the "live video streaming of video pay-per-view events on the internet."

So a show, potentially.


If it is a show (or even a t-shirt design), it'll be the latest in a long line of potshots AEW has taken at WWE since the promotion's birth, though this one would at least be a rebuttal. Vince McMahon took a thinly-veiled jab at his competition's "blood and guts and gory things" during his Q2 2019 earnings call.

Cody responded to Vince's statement a month later, saying "if you say we're blood and guys, I say you bet your *ss we are blood and guts."


AEW have already developed a reputation for hosting the kind of violent, bloody matches that WWE's PG product doesn't allow for, with Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega's Full Gear scrap the latest example. The Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes bloodbath was the first the catch the eye, though.

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