AEW Fined Saraya For Saying THIS On Dynamite

Saraya says the very-real fine she got from AEW boss Tony Khan was "worth" it.

Saraya AEW Loser

AEW boss Tony Khan legitimately fined Saraya for saying the word "tw*t" (with an 'a' not an 'i') on this past Wednesday's episode of flagship show Dynamite.

Saraya was cutting an in-ring promo during a segment with her Outcasts pals Toni Storm and Ruby Soho when she paused to admonish the live audience for their booing. That's when she said she wouldn't "expect anything less from a bunch of neckbeard, stinky tw*ts".


The Brit revealed on Twitter that she'd been hit with a financial penalty by management for using the word "tw*t". Fightful Select has since reported that proceeds from the fine will go towards ongoing AEW Together projects - they also noted that Saraya had also privately apologised behind the scenes for throwing up a middle finger following her onscreen rant.

It's worth noting that the wrestler said fan anger towards her comments made the fine "worth" it. Some even jumped into the comments on social media to defend her and suggest that the offending word is considered gentle in her native UK.


Regardless, Khan fined Saraya for her comments and for flashing up a finger towards the live crowd.

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