AEW Full Gear 2021: 10 Nightmares That Could Come True

CM Punk goes Pipebomb 2.0, AEW brush aside homegrown faves and more Full Gear nightmares.


What if it all goes wrong?!

AEW's Full Gear 2021 pay-per-view should be another banner night for Tony Khan's company. They could crown a new World Champ, will determine a fresh number one contender, and might just steal headlines left, right and centre elsewhere too. Yes, it should be a top class card that ends the year's supershow schedule with a bang.

Or, it could be a nightmare-filled disappointment that presses the panic button in some bid to make 2022 seem more interesting than it would be if AEW just stayed the course they're already on. There's next-to-no room for positivity here, so please know that going in.

This list is full of things that'll cause sleepless nights and acid reflux aplenty. It's the absolute worst, basically, and it won't be for everyone; many All Elite hardcores will have a tough time getting through it, because some of AEW's niggling issues will be exposed and (in truth) exacerbated.

That's what a nightmare is though, isn't it? It's a distressing, uncontrollable experience that defies logic to provide a crap time.

Is that gonna be AEW's fate come Saturday night?

10. American Top Team Wins 


If these guys win, then yes.

OK, sure, Dan Lambert is supposed to be annoying. He's a heel incomer happy to invade pro wrestling with his MMA buddies, and he's targeted Chris Jericho's Inner Circle to make a name for American Top Team. That's fine, but the feud hasn't really clicked.

A Top Team win wouldn't end the story either - Jericho and pals would have to get some sort of revenge on Lambert's crew in another rematch somewhere soon, which would prolong the agony. Being honest, this fan has never wanted anyone to win an AEW match less than ATT.

Junior dos Santos vs. Jericho as a spin off doesn't sound like much fun either. Wrestling needs to get over this tired obsession with mixed martial artists coming in and talking down to wrestlers. It's tedious as all hell, and that's why Lambert's team winning would be an absolute horror show.


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