AEW Held Backstage Meeting Over Controversial Star's Return

AEW gathered its women's roster for a meeting addressing this controversial star recently...

Tony Schiavone Thunder Rosa

AEW recently held a backstage meeting to ease tension between Thunder Rosa and the rest of the company's women's roster ahead of the former title-holder's return, reports Fightful Select.

The meeting took place at the 8 February Dynamite tapings. There, every woman present at the tapings was gathered, with the goal being to clear things up between Rosa and the group, as multiple "relationships had frayed" prior to the former Women's World Champion's recent hiatus.


Fightful's sources have indicated that Rosa had been "making amends" for issues that had arisen prior to her injury-induced absence. Thunder's approach had been criticised, with her conduct making "others on the women's roster seem like bullies", according to people with knowledge of the situation. This is on top of prior allegations of Rosa sandbagging and working too stiff.

Some roster members took umbrage at Rosa not being on the road with AEW while injured, despite travelling for other work. One also noted that the former champion had faced allegations of stiffness and sandbagging earlier in her run too, though those were smoothed over at the time.


Thunder Rosa vacated the AEW Women's World Championship in August, claiming she was injured - and therefore unable to defend the strap. She was then accused of exaggerating said injury, though Rosa has addressed this multiple times, including images/footage from a doctor's office.

The 36-year-old returned to AEW's locker room last week. Rosa joined the Spanish announce team that week, indicating that she would soon return to the road, though she won't be wrestling for a while. It is understood that although she is edging closer to being cleared, this is yet to happen.


As far as how the meeting went, AEW management are of the belief that it was productive, hoping for a "clean slate" for Thunder Rosa and the rest of the roster.

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