AEW Holds First-Ever Match For Women's Division On Dynamite

What type of match made its debut in All Elite's women's division on Wednesday?

Saraya AEW

On the heels of Saraya promising to bring change to AEW's women's division, the company's Interim Women's World Championship was defended in AEW's first-ever women's lumberjack match.

Toni Storm defended her title as scheduled against Serena Deeb, but Saraya announced beforehand that she had spoken to Tony Khan backstage and he agreed to the special stipulation for the match. Prior to that, the former Paige had brought out Athena, Skye Blue, Madison Rayne and Willow Nightingale to back up Storm, while Britt Baker led out Jamie Hayter, Rebel and Penelope Ford to confront them.

Once Saraya made her announcement, the eight women provided the usual "assistance" with tossing Storm and Deeb back into the ring, with the heels attacking Toni when she was thrown outside at their feet. They also didn't hesitate to get involved in the action in the ring.


In the end, Storm held onto her interim title by spiking Serena with an avalanche piledriver.


While the lumberjack stipulation didn't really play strongly into the outcome of the match, it was a new kind of match and an easy way to give credence to Saraya's pledge to bring change to the women's division.

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