AEW Offering Contracts "Comparable To WWE", Bidding For Pentagon And Fenix

All Elite Wrestling has began scooping up talent.

Pentagon AEW

All Elite Wrestling are wasting no time at all in starting to make an impact - at the possible expense of the company of the same name.

Cody and The Bucks' hottest new venture has apparently reached out to Mexican superstars Pentagon and Fenix with contract offers, supposedly tripling the low six-figure deals offered to the pair by Impact Wrestling. According to Wrestling News World, Elite hopes to obtain exclusivity on the duo's bookings, and would like them both to attend their presser alongside other AEW talent in Jacksonville this Tuesday.

Apparently, this is just the start of Elite's talent hunt, with the company allegedly presenting contract offers "comparable to what people make in WWE", as reported by the ever-reliable Ryan Satin of Wrestling Sheet.

Aside from securing a competitive television deal - something which has less relevance today than ever - one of the biggest stumbling blocks upstart companies have faced in attempting to challenge WWE is convincing relevant and available talent that their grass is greener than the supposed promised land of Stamford. If Elite really are in a position to match WWE on those terms, we could be entering an exciting new climate in which disaffected talent might begin to consider their options, with the "dream" no longer being enough to secure their future.

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