AEW Officially Signs Ex-WWE & NJPW Star

Tony Khan wasted no time in booking this wrestler in a title match at ROH Final Battle 2022.

Juice Robinson AEW Rampage

AEW officially confirmed that former WWE and New Japan man Juice Robinson has inked a deal with the company during Friday's episode of Rampage.

Apparently, Robinson and Tony Khan agreed terms a few weeks ago, but All Elite wanted to wait until now to get things moving onscreen. During Rampage, Juice fired out a challenge to dual AEW TNT and ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe - he'll wrestle Joe for that latter belt on the upcoming ROH Final Battle 2022 pay-per-view come 10 December.

That match has now been announced and locked in for the card.


AEW attempted to appease both casual and hardcore viewers who happened to be tuning in on Friday. Robinson introduced himself, said he'd done a lot of great work in Japan, and revealed that winning the ROH TV strap was his first step to domination on the North American side.

It was a quick, slick promo that did the business, but more will be needed if Khan hopes to make Juice a key part of his stacked roster.


The AEW TNT belt reportedly won't be up for grabs at Final Battle.


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