AEW People Were Pushing For One Recently Released WWE Star To Sign With Them This Summer

Which recently released former WWE star was on people in AEW's radar this summer?

Shelton Benjamin

People in AEW wanted to bring in former WWE star Shelton Benjamin this summer.

The one-time Hurt Business member was one of the many talented performers released by the sports entertainment giant recently, and Benjamin will now be free to sign with another promotion in a few months time.

However, there was actually a point during the summer when certain talents within WWE's biggest rival were pushing for the in-ring veteran to join Tony Khan's company.


This is according to a recent report from Fightful Select, with it being noted that these calls to bring the former Intercontinental Champion in came around the time Benjamin's contract was rumoured to be expiring. Though, that wouldn't turn out to be the case in the end.

And with 'The Gold Standard' now being very much available once his non-compete is up, there's a chance Benjamin could pop up on AEW programming before the end of the year.


Elsewhere in the aforementioned report, it was also said that the All Elite promotion were looking to recruit a few more producers with the aim of one day having these members of staff only work one bout per show.

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