AEW’s Jon Moxley Confronts Nick Gage At GCW Show

Jon Moxley is coming in pursuit of Nick Gage's GCW World Championship.

GCW Jon Moxley Nick Gage

Jon Moxley has confronted fellow hardcore maniac Nick Gage over WrestleMania 37 weekend.

The former All Elite Wrestling World Champion appeared at Game Changer Wrestling's Collective show rSpring Break Presented By 44OH!, coming face to face with a bloodied Gage moments after Gage had lifted the GCW World Championship from Rickey Shane Page. 'The Purveyor of Violence' dropped Gage through a pile of light tubes with a Paradigm Shift.

This appearance marked Moxley's proper GCW debut, having only previously appeared at the Josh Barnett Bloodsport events. He's currently 2-1 on those events, having defeated Chris Dickinson and Davey Boy Smith Jr., before falling to Josh Barnett himself days before the Nick Gage confrontation.

Going forward, Mox is clearly heading in direction of the GCW World Championship, a title that has been held by the likes of Joey Janela, Tama Tonga, and Low Ki.


The history between Moxley and Gage dates back over a decade to their time together in Combat Zone Wrestling. Their last singles encounter there saw Gage fail to dethrone Jon of the CZW World Heavyweight Championship in a no ropes barbed wire match in October 2010.

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