AEW Star Backstage At WWE Royal Rumble

From Wednesday's Dynamite to The Alamodome, this AEW sensation was in WWE's house on Saturday.

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All Elite Wrestling star Ricky Starks was backstage at Saturday's Royal Rumble.

'Absolute' was spotted alongside former colleague Cody Rhodes as 'The American Nightmare' returned from injury and went on to secure his WrestleMania main event with a maiden Rumble win.

Initially posted on Reddit, the shot was removed but resurfaced across social media as people enjoyed the company crossover.


Starks admitted as recently as December that he was in contact with Rhodes "on a daily basis", and has nurtured a relationship with the former AEW executive vice president since the two first came together.


Starks' June 11th 2020 TNT Championship match with Rhodes was credited as being the contest that earned him his full time spot spot in the company altogether. Champion defeated Challenger that night, but Starks went on to feature prominently with the organisation from then on. The two wrestled in tag matches against one another later in the year after Starks had linked up with Brian Cage as part of Team Taz, and Starks has praised Rhodes' coaching and mentorship from then on.

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