AEW Star Comments On Latest CM Punk Controversy

"It’s sad. I wish it didn’t happen"

Shawn Spears Wardlow

Shawn Spears has offered his thoughts on everything that's recently happened between All Elite Wrestling and CM Punk.

The former AEW Champion's dramatic departure from television following the seismic events of the All Out 2022 press conference has been the talk of the industry since September, and AEW original and MJF's former sidekick has spoken for the first time on the situation. Talking to K&S Wrestle Fest during a virtual signing, he said;

“(It’s) sad, overall sad. That’s what I think. It’s sad. I wish it didn’t happen. That’s the other thing too, I wasn’t there. “Most things do happen publicly, but I wasn’t there and I don’t have any first-hand knowledge.”

Punk was stripped of his newly-won title following the controversial scrum after a now-infamous fight broke out backstage between him, Ace Steel and The Elite. In the immediate aftermath all were removed from television pending an internal investigation. Since then, The Elite have returned to television and reports continue to swirl that Punk and AEW are negotiating a contract buy-out.


Though everybody originally practiced radio silence across the board initially, that stance has softened in recent weeks. Kenny Omega spoke in detail to Sports Illustrated about the situation just hours ahead of a Dynamite match pitting The Elite against Death Triangle which featured Omega and The Young Bucks seemingly openly trolling Chicago and Punk himself with uses of his moves and multiple other Punk references.

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