AEW Star Jokes About His Own Babyface/Heel Turns

Even this AEW man thought WWE hit the alignment switch button too often.

Paul Wight

Current AEW man Paul Wight has poked fun at his own constant heel > babyface or babyface > heel alignment changes.

The former Big Show told Fightful that he's "had more turns than NASCAR" throughout his lengthy career. Most of them happened under WWE's watch, but Wight also flip-flopped a few times as The Giant in WCW before that. Mercifully, he's yet to do the same over on AEW's side, but that's probably because Paul is more of a commentator than anything else.


There's still time yet, basically!

Wight criticised his constant changes in character during the interview, and even suggested that WWE's writers were ribbing him by booking so many. Show working in a hasty alignment change last-minute did become something of a running joke amongst wrestling fans for a solid 20 years.


The legend admitted to Fightful that he's always preferred playing heel, but did note that it's important to "be versatile" and plug any gaps the creative team might have. He also said such adaptability and acceptance for changing plans "kept [him] in the game".

Still, Wight definitely thought someone on the writing staff was taking the p*ss.

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