AEW Star Recalls Being Ribbed By Owen Hart In WWE

Owen Hart had some fun at this then-WWE rookie's expense back in the late-90s.

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy shared a fun story about being ribbed by WWE legend Owen Hart on his podcast.

The AEW wrestler recalled hearing that he and brother Jeff would be working with Owen in a tag match. This was in the late-1990s and right before their big-bumping rise, so The Hardys weren't exactly established as a top act in the company.

Matt was excited, but got confused when he turned up to the building and saw Hart waiting for him with a big canvas ("like a canvas you would cover up stuff with if it’s gonna rain") backstage. Owen encouraged the rookie to pretend that this tarpaulin was the wrestling ring - he wanted them to run some spots.


Sneakily, Hart had covered up some concrete underneath and repeated that he wanted "to try [the spot] again and again" so they could nail it before the show. Eventually, after having his knees and elbows scraped up by the hard surface, Matt asked: "Are you f*cking with me?".

Owen laughed and said yes. He burst out laughing again and giggled that he'd had Matt "crawl like a maniac" over the concrete for ages.

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