AEW Star Reveals Cancelled "Surprise WWE Guest" For Dynamite

A memorable AEW segment was almost even more memorable, but plans changed.

Billy Chuck WWE

AEW star Anthony Bowens originally wanted former WWE star Chuck Palumbo to appear during Billy Gunn's birthday celebrations last November on Dynamite.

The Acclaimed paid tribute to "Daddy Ass" in a comedy segment, but Bowens said fans only got to see "30 or 40 percent of what [he] had originally planned". According to Anthony during an interview with Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' show, a Billy & Chuck reunion almost took place.

Unfortunately for The Acclaimed, Palumbo couldn't free up space on his schedule to make the All Elite cameo happen - Bowens whipped up a scenario in his head that'd see him and Max Caster present Chuck to Gunn as "a birthday gift" to their mentor.


That would've been it. Palumbo wouldn't have wrestled a match or teamed with Billy one more time. No, he would've just shown up in his old WWF/WWE ring gear (Chuck headband and all) for a cheeky reunion with his old partner.

This idea didn't come together until the "last minute", so Chuck couldn't be in attendance at Dynamite to make it happen. Old-school fans might've got a kick out of that one!

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