AEW Star Says Fans "Hate" Him Because He Has "WWE Attributes"

This wrestler believes his "WWE attributes" cause a disconnect with hardcore AEW fans.

Brian Cage

AEW's Brian Cage has suggested the company's fans "hate on" him because he exhibits attributes "that scream WWE" more than All Elite.

Cage told Busted Open Radio that it sometimes feels like he's "on the wrong team". In short, big Bri believes some AEW fans go out of their way to rag on him because he's "too jacked" or "doesn't belong" in the promotion; Cage also told the show he views that heat coming down from the stands as "positive".


Interesting stuff.

Cage was very careful to suggest that this is strictly a "core audience" thing. He doesn't think every AEW fan views him this way, but there's a rather vocal section who let him know he'd maybe be better off on the WWE side. That's something Brian toys with during his performances in front of All Elite crowds, and on TV.


He pointed out that AEW's fanbase finds it easier to "live vicariously through" someone like Darby Allin (a scrappy underdog) more than him. In a heelish moment, he then went on to say that people buying tickets couldn't be like him even if they tried.

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