AEW Star Says He 'Could've Punched Triple H In The Mouth'

A current AEW wrestler recalls wanting to punch WWE's Triple H, but why?!

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Billy Gunn has revealed that he thought about punching Triple H in the mouth at WWE's Hall Of Fame ceremony back in 2019.

The AEW wrestler wasn't pleased when Trips ripped into All Elite onstage - Billy told fans in attendance at a recent 'For The Love Of Wrestling' convention that he came close to confronting 'The Game' backstage after D-Generation X had been inducted.

That surely would've spoiled everyone's good mood behind the curtain.


Gunn said he only let the moment slide "strictly because [his] wife told [him] to". Otherwise, he might've decided to sock Hunter in the face for choosing to battle loud "AEW! AEW! AEW!" chants by calling Tony Khan's group a "p*ssant company".

Billy was under contract to All Elite, and didn't take kindly to the way Triple H dealt with things. During the fan Q&A though, Gunn said he'd rather "bypass" that incident and move on to other questions.


That was the Hall Of Famer's last WWE appearance to date. Since then, Billy has been busy concentrating on life in AEW, and very-much acts as a mentor to some younger stars (including his sons) on the roster.

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