AEW Turned Down This Early Jeff Hardy Pitch

Jeff Hardy reveals an idea that AEW boss Tony Khan knocked back when he first arrived.

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Jeff Hardy wanted his own entrance music in AEW, but Tony Khan said no.

All Elite newcomer Jeff told 'Talk Is Jericho' that he pitched a "WTF moment" for fans that his new boss didn't like - according to Hardy, it would've been cool had the classic Hardy Boys track been strictly kept for tag matches alongside Matt.

When he's working singles, Jeff would prefer his own tune.


He thought it might get a pop from fans if the Hardy track played then "slowed down" into another song. "What are we listening to? We've never heard this before!". That's the reaction Jeff told Chris Jericho he'd expect when debuting a brand new song.

That's the only thing Khan has knocked back, in fairness. Hardy did say that "the freedom feels amazing" in AEW, and that he's "overflowing" with ideas that get him excited for the future.


Jeff recently teamed with Matt against The Young Bucks at Double Or Nothing. The match was perhaps overhyped as a surefire classic a little too much beforehand, and the Hardys found it hard to live up to the billing.

At least fans got to hear that banger of a track though.

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