AEW Working On New Video Library Deal

Tony Khan confirms AEW is working on a deal to make its entire content library accessible.

Tony Khan

All Elite Wrestling are in discussions with media partner WarnerMedia over a deal to make the promotion's entire content library available to fans.

This is according to AEW president and founder Tony Khan, who was interviewed by Brandon F. Walker of Barstool Sports earlier this week. Khan stated that he wants a solution for fans to be able to watch old episodes of Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, and Dark: Elevation, as well as AEW pay-per-views at the House Always Wins live event (9 April 2021), which has never aired.

AEW has been working with WarnerMedia since May 2019, when the two parties announced their deal for a primetime television show on TNT. This show, Dynamite, debuted that October. Khan's promotion has since introduced a second show on Friday nights, Rampage, which will remain on TNT when Dynamite switches to TBS in January.


Dark and Dark: Elevation currently go out on YouTube.

A natural thought process may lead to assuming that AEW intends to create a WWE Network equivalent here. While Khan didn't explicitly state this, it seems a likely direction, as the majority of the world's biggest wrestling promotions boast their own video-on-demand streaming service in 2021.

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